“Obey Your Master”

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“Obey Your Master”

Mensaje  pixie_mcr el Dom Ene 22, 2012 6:30 pm

Gerard Way’s contribution to the Metallica art tribute exhibit.
“Obey Your Master”

Way’s contribution to the exhibit is an installation of painted and fabricated landmines inspired by Metallica’s 1989 breakthrough track “One,” the video of which featured footage from the harrowing 1971 anti-war film Johnny Got His Gun. “The original idea was to get a pile of landmines to do as an installation. I asked a friend of mine to fabricate and cast a ton of these so they’d be cost-effective. Getting actual landmines—decommissioned or even replicas of landmines—is pretty much impossible. There were a couple of approaches I tried, but I decided upon a pile of destroyed, fragmented landmines.” - Gerard Way.

creditos: The People Loves My Chemical Romance


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